Shelltheraphy By Zulema Arandilla

This therapy is not very common, but it is one of the most relaxing and beautiful therapies that can be found. We work with seashells.

The shells possess a very subtle vibration and have been formed by the four elements of the planet, water, earth, sun, oxygen, in addition to containing mineral salts. The shells are made up of layers of proteins. Create a strong shell to protect the living being that is inside them.

The shells are able to oxygenate, revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, they are also balancing our vital energy. In a session of shelltherapy we can relax and reassure our body. It is interesting that the shells are capable of transmuting static electricity that we drag to transform it into vital energy.

For this therapy we work with specific shells to perform massage maneuvers well. Since you stimulate the points of traditional Chinese medicine, the channels of the meridians, both facial and corporal.

One of the shells with which it works is the tigris cyprea, this shell presents a balloon shape with round and dark spots. Its average size is between 6 to 15 cm, thanks to this we can find the right ones to perform the facial and body treatment. One of the most common areas where to find it is the Pacific Ocean.
Another of the shells that we are going to use in the conus generalis is a case shell in the form of a spiral, which will serve as a pointer, to be able to work the acupuncture points, both facial and corporal. Its origin is also the pacific sea.
For this therapy, it always begins with the activation of traditional Chinese medicine points, working with the tip of the conus generalis, working points such as conception, stomach, large intestine, governor, vesicle or triple heater.
Then we proceed to perform the massage maneuvers with the cyprea tigris shells, by their shape, they will help us to make a kind of suction like a suction cup if we press a little harder. Therefore, it helps us to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system.
At the facial level we work with the conus generalis activating the acupuncture points, in this way we activate the energy of the meridians, enhancing collagen and elastin. Then the cyprea tigris shells are used to perform the facial massage, activating the lifting effect.
I encourage you to try this special treatment and let yourself go to the depths of the sea.

By Zulema Arandilla

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