Coach Beauty “You`re Unique” By Zulema Arandilla

We are all different, our essence, our way of being, our structures, our skin, etc …

But what we do have in common, is a body to take care of and protect, in this new section we want to offer you the opportunity to enjoy beauty coach, and for that we also want you to participate for our next issues, with your questions, ideas, doubts, etc …

In this installment we will talk about beauty protocols and how to choose them.

On many occasions we are guided by magazines, what a famous one wears, or what a friend has recommended, but that should not be the case, your skin is unique, it is your skin, and not all skins are the same, nor we all react the same to the different compounds, so it is recommended that you let yourself be advised by your beauty center, or your beauty consultant or beauty coach, to help you design your protocol.

For this the first thing is to know that the protocols have to be changed according to the needs of each moment and each station. It is not the same to be in low temperatures and wind, to be in high temperatures and a lot of sun.

It is not the same to have a good skin moisturization that does not have it. Therefore we must take into account all these circumstances and more.

What we will always have in common in each season is a good sunscreen, as it is getting worse and the sun’s rays and our ability to adapt to them.

We are going to divide the stations into two parts since in reality, the temperature changes are very abrupt, we go from the polar cold to a super hot summer, and there are no seasons as such. Therefore, we will divide our needs into two columns.

Our needs according to the seasons will be the following:

Winter / Autuumn Summer / Spring
Solar protection  Sun protection / Total screen
Regenerators  Moisturizers
Anti-spots  Repairing (especially after the sun)
Anti-aging Anti-aging
Nutritious Cytokines, Q10, for the immune system
Repairing and regenerating tonics Moisturizing and soothing toners


Another thing we must do is mark those areas that we want to work or more we are worried about. In this way we can better perform our monitoring.

Let’s show an example.

Facial Mapa

We mark the zones to work as:

1. Lines of expression of the eye area or crow’s feet.

2. Area under the eyes, which can be dark circles or bags.

The next thing will be to choose our products, for this I leave this tab to fill it with the products that we are going to use, in this way we will have more organized our protocols.
It is important that we observe the expiration date of our products, and especially keep them in the right place. Some time ago I found a very peculiar case, I kept all the products in the fridge, and in a beauty coach consultation, I told you the following, if the specific product specifies that this should be its place of conservation, there is no problem, but when we find natural products, eco, is different, given that its raw material as we usually say is ‚Äúalive‚ÄĚ, those changes in temperatures not only affect the time to lose their properties, but affect their molecular state. Therefore, it is best to store them in a cool place, where they do not receive sunlight and the temperature is not high.
You can download the file so you can write down all your treatment

Facial Personal


Day Cream Night Cream Tonic Cleanser Peeling Eye Contour Eye Contour Skin type Mask Observations









Protocols for each station:

Beauty tips: Drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily. Do not forget to cleanse your face in the morning and at night.

Recommended Protocolol:


Morning: cleanser, tonic, serum, eye contour and day cream.

Sunscreen: finally, after our treatment cream, so that the skin is well protected.

Night: cleaner, toner, serum, night cream.

Weekly Treatment

In our weekly treatment we will use the following session:

Cleaner / peel / tonic / mask / contour / serum / cream day or night.


Nutricosmetic advised: it is always advisable to incorporate some nutricosmetics that can help us in our treatments.

Follow-up: here we will indicate how the product is coming to us.

Budget of products: it is important to budget the products, not to spend more than necessary.

We have everything ready to develop our facial beauty protocol.

“Love yourself above all things, your body should be your temple, take care of it, love it and love it. It is the one that sustains you in this life.”

By Zulema Arandilla

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