Corporal peelings By Zulema Arandilla

Also called exfoliants, they can be corporal and facial, although many times we find that we can use them for both areas.

But in truth, we have to remember that the skin is not the same in the body as in the face, not even in the areas of the face there is the same tissue, as for example in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe eyes, that skin is much more sensitive, so your peeling can never be the same, if we want to maintain its good condition.

In the body the same thing happens to us, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe knees is a much more sensitive skin, and we can not forget the chest, which has a more delicate tissue.

For that reason I bring you the different peelings that we can find in the market and which would be the most suitable for each area or treatment that we want to make.

We can identify them in two ways, soft or strong peeling, this difference is made by the type of granule that carries the peel.

The strong granules are those that come from seeds and peels, such as tomato peeling, which uses its seeds as exfoliating granules, its texture is hard and do not fall apart with it. They always remain as surplus of the product.

This type of peeling is good for body, especially when we start an anti-cellulite or reducing treatment, as it is a great stimulant of tissue and circulation.

At the facial level it is usually used on very tanned skins, with acne or in shock treatments, for the same action it does in the body, its great activation of tissue and circulation.

If it is true that this type of peeling should not be used for the most delicate areas of skin, or when you suffer from any skin pathology such as psoriasis, outbreak or eczema, dermatitis, etc.

Since they are very excited and damaged skins, and it is not advisable to feel more aggression, since their stimulation will be more pronounced and may worsen.

Soft peels contain smaller and softer particles. Normally many of them tend to get rid of friction. An example of a soft peel is one that contains coconut grated, normally this texture is hard, but with the help of moisturizing it helps to do a good exfoliation without damaging the fabric, because when it is moist it becomes softer.

This type of peelings are ideal for the most sensitive skins, for delicate areas such as breasts, hamstrings and for facials.

Within the soft peeling we find some specific for eyes, which are usually in powder form, such as rice powder, usually moisturized to work with them, then dehydrated once applied in the area to be treated and removed with water.

We also find different forms of peeling, powder such as rice, gel with seeds or granules, cream with seeds, granules or scratches.

As we have mentioned those that are in powder format will come well for the most delicate areas of the skin, such as the eye area.

The gel ones are very comfortable if we do not have time, since we can apply them inside the shower, clarify and continue our hygiene protocol.

Being able to work the whole body, in the case that the granule is not very hard, we can use it on the face.

The peelings in cream format, you have to work a little more since they must be absorbed by the skin. This type of peeling I recommend more for a facial, because it will be more comfortable to apply at home, although if we have the opportunity to apply them ourselves, it would be great because they have a great capacity for tissue recovery. Many of them, once the granule is removed, can be left as a mask, both facial and body.

I also encourage you to create your own natural peelings, since there are endless natural products that we can use, such as Himalayan salt, vegetable oils, sugar cane, honey, etc.

I advise you to go through:

Here you will find the recipe to make your own oat peel.

It is advisable to perform a peeling once a week, especially if we are doing any treatment, in this way we regenerate the epithelial tissue, discarding the dead cells, and giving visibility to the new tissue, in this way when we apply our treatment, these cells will be able to absorb it more quickly and we will realize its effects more immediately.

by Zulema Arandilla

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