Facial Beauty: Spring-Summer Care By zulema Arandilla

In the beauty coach article we will organize our beauty protocol for this season but first we will see what care we must take into account for the spring-summer season.

The temperatures begin to rise, and the solar rays begin to warm us up. As we are stripping clothes to make way for sandals, shorts, tank tops, we must contemplate that in our beauty care. Remember that during all these months, only the sun has been directly exposed to our face and our hands, the rest of the body has been covered, so it is important that after our morning shower we apply a sunscreen, so that the Adaptation of our skin is not so abrupt.

One of the most advisable things is to perform a good cabin treatment, in which we prepare the skin, for new treatments, perform a peel or facial cleansing, then one of the treatments that I most advise in this era are those that enhance our immune system, for those skins that are more sensitive to climatic changes to spring and its pollen.

It would also be interesting to perform those treatments more consistent with the season, such as those that give us luminosity, the liftings since it is usually a time of events, those that provide us with extra hydration or tissue oxygenation.

For home advise, as natural soaps, such as olive oil with some essential oil, such as jasmine or sandalwood.

The floral hidrolatos, since for this time they bring us freshness and a lot of hydration, advise, soothing as can be lavender and chamomile, oxygenates such as jasmine and regenerators like cornflower.

Once a week apply a mask, for this time are great those that have a fresher texture such as soft creams or gel masks. Even if we see that our skin has been badly damaged by sun exposure, advise applying a layer of aloe vera gel as if it were a mask, let it act until it is absorbed and remove the excess with a little water.

Drink plenty of water, because this season our skin becomes more dehydrated and it is necessary to provide that extra water.

Do not expose ourselves to the sun in the most conflicting hours that are from 12:00 in the morning until 17:00 in the afternoon, for this reason it will always be that our skin is protected.

When we go out to work every day and we need to wear makeup, one of the products that I like the most and the least damage to our skin are the creams with color, they give us that look that we are made up but very natural and many of them have protection factor. We must always put our facial treatment first and finally the color cream, just like a normal makeup.

Now we have the necessary tools for our spring / summer treatment.
Enjoy this season and the main thing that you do not forget your protectors and moisturizers.

By Zulema Arandilla

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