Pilates : Body Awareness By Irene Rubio

Body Awareness:

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the current society is its frenetic pace. We tend to plan each day filling activities until the last minute and we believe that making the most of the time means we always keep busy.

The difficulties of reconciling long hours of work with the care of the house, children and leisure time also have an influence. Many times we neglect our food, eating anything fast, or our rest time to plan pending work activities …

Although the human body is designed for movement, a daily activity so intense without proper postural hygiene can lead to chronic pain, body decompensation, contractures, hernias and a long etcetera.

The body and mind are interrelated, what one suffers affects the other and vice versa. Sometimes the levels of stress, worry or anxiety are reflected in the body, and other body aches or discomfort affect our character, mood and way of dealing with the day to day.

Although our anatomical structure is the same, each person, by their customs, lifestyle, hobbies and endless circumstances, has a unique postural pattern in both static and moving. Each person accumulates tension in a different region, and in many cases the focus of the pain is not the real area of imbalance, but the reflex zone, which suffers due to the mechanical tendency of the body to postural compensation. When we spend a lot of time in the same position or, on the contrary, we stay in motion many hours, depending on our habits overloaded one or another area of the body.

He perceives it and, automatically, without us noticing, compensates for this overload in order to maintain balance, rhythm or posture. The result is a bodily misalignment that, if not corrected, results in these disorders mentioned above.

The first step to remedy this situation is to know that personal postural pattern, that tendency that we all have when we move, sit or just stand. Being aware of our body, we are able to adopt, deliberately, a good alignment, as well as to correct our position before perceiving the pain.
The work of body awareness brings great benefits not only physical but also mental:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Self esteem
  • Body / mind connection
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Flexibility and strengthening of the internal or support muscles.

Investing some time in the care and personal knowledge, in the long run is beneficial in both physical and mental planes. Although it is very convenient to use the fast track to follow our busy pace of life (hire someone to take things, clean the house, buy precooked food …) if we delegate all self-care activities to other people, if not We invest a little effort in dealing with ourselves, so we lose the value of the process, paying attention only to the result, when both are equally important, they go hand in hand.

In the corporal plane, to stop the pains with medication is only to put a patch to the real problem. If we start to invest a little time, every day, in listening, knowing and accepting ourselves, we will be able to make the right decisions to live in a balanced body.

By   Irene Rubio Gomez

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