Healthy food: Unique Salads By Zulema Arandilla

In these years of consultations, I have often found that when I recommended salad, most people understood that it was a lettuce salad with tomato and onion, which I call simple salad, but if for example they were recommended to remove the tomato, for any pathology they suffered, told me that then they could not eat salad.

That’s why I encourage you to write, that the universe of salads is infinite, since we can make a very complete dish with a salad. A complete I mean, that contains all the essential nutrients for the body.

Salads have a great benefit because many of their ingredients are going to be eaten fresh and raw, so they will not lose their properties in the cooking process, thanks to that they will provide us with all the vitamins and minerals in their entirety.

Therefore it is important to choose good quality food, fresh and free of pesticides and processed.

The choice of ingredients is also important, because depending on what we need at any time we can design our smart salad, we can combine a host of ingredients, from seeds to nuts, different vegetables, etc…

Even the seasoning, we can design the dressings that best suit our needs or our tastes in terms of flavors and leave the comfort of the dressing of all life.

Our salads can be unique and very nutritious dishes, depending on the ingredients that we incorporate.

In this article I will teach you how to design your unique salads.

We will incorporate the following ingredients:

– Starches: they are a great source of energy and minerals. Like rice, pasta, couscous, bulgur, etc.
– Fruits and vegetables: these are going to provide us with vitamins, minerals, fibers and nutrients, such as broccoli, chicory, lettuce, etc …
– Other products that will be part of our salad will be those fermented like cheese or yogurt, casseroles or fish, vegetables, egg, animal and vegetable proteins, in this case to suit each diner. Essential fatty acids such as omegas, with vegetable oils, such as olive oil or sunflower oil among others.

In what portions we put all our ingredients:

How to make our salad:

  1. The vegetables, we can choose between 1 and 2 of our salad base.
  2. Choose the starch that we like the most.
  3. Here we will add proteins in small amounts
  4. Choose the oil that suits us, according to their benefits.
  5. We will add fruits and vegetables in this step, I advise you to look for colors to add a touch of color to the salad. You can guide yourself through the colors of the chakras or the rainbow.
  6. Now we will incorporate the crunchy touch, such as nuts, seeds, etc.
  7. We can also incorporate sauces made by ourselves. The best way to incorporate the sauce to our creation is little by little, so that we do not pass by and stay all soaked.
  8. We can not forget the tender shoots or sprouts, source of vitamins and nutrients. like soya, watercress, etc.
  9. We can also incorporate aromatic herbs, both fresh and dried. Or even flowers.

Our Shopping List:

Well, we can start to design our own salads, and not get bored with the same salads as always. Leave your imagination free and create a recital of flavors for your palate.

By Zulema Arandilla

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