It is our second number, two years of life, as time goes by. During this year, events are crowded in our memory, very good times and moments of adaptation to life, have passed through this river we call life.

And now here, ready to take our second number, we make a balance, of what we would have liked to do and we could not, and we have done it and we are proud.
You have accompanied us during this year, just with a publication, so give you infinite thanks, for interacting with us during this time. We want to commit ourselves this year with you, to try to be more than one number a year with you, so that we can continue interacting together.
In this issue we expand with two new sections, and new collaborators, section of coach beauty, where we will give you advice to feel good with yourselves and many beauty tips. The second section is about Pilates, where we will advise you how to be more stable with the body and how to keep it in its natural position, here we premiere collaborator, which I hope you like. In addition, another of our new signings is in spirituality with a professional that I think you will love.
In this issue we have put all our love, to bring you more knowledge, lifestyle and curiosities. I hope you enjoy it as we are writing it for you.

Signed: Pink Secret Garden H&B Magazine.

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